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房地產VI設計 | 星空別墅(泰國)

房地產VI設計 | 星空別墅(泰國)

Project : Branding | 房地產VI設計
Location : Phuket, Thailand
Partners : VIP Thailand
Website : www.vipthailand.com
Architectural Design : Oracle Architects
Branding Design : Xinming Design
Team : Xinming Design | 心銘舍品牌設計
Year : 2018

VIP GALAXY | 星空別墅,該項目位于泰國普吉島拉威海灘與奈涵海灘之間,116席國際別墅區,開發商VIP Thailand 委托心銘舍為項目打造的品牌VI設計,建筑設計由泰國Oracle Architects設計。

VIP GALAXY,深刻洞察度假人群的居住需求,精選普吉島拉威海灘與奈涵海灘中間地塊,打造與自然和諧共處、可玩可賞、舒適自由的別墅產品,約205-292平復式現代別墅,大海、細沙、陽光,泳池、花園、星空……來普吉島,目攬星辰,居優越之上,發現更遼闊的世界。

The real estate developers of VIP THAILAND specializes in holiday investment products in Phuket Island. It has a professional property development team, dedicated to exploring high-quality resources in Phuket Island and providing excellent property projects to clients around the world.

The company has powerful assets strengths and land reservation source in Phuket, Samui Island and Bangkok, strong multi-resources, and the mature professional construction team, property management team and marketing team, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop more robustly in the future.

Elaborately equipped with professional teams proficient in Chinese, English, Thai, Russian and other languages, it sets up the exclusive business team, forms a service team with substantial expertise by the joint of well-known travel agencies in Phuket, and provides clients at home and abroad with one-stop comprehensive services like reception, expedition, travelling and house purchasing, helping more investors all over the world to achieve their wonderful dream of life.